John R. Adams

Certified Professional Counsellor

B.A, M.A

Philosophy of Counselling

It is my desire to view all of my clients as very special people and to treat them with dignity and respect at all times. I do not see my clients as the problem; rather, I see each person as separate from the problem. Problems have come into their lives, and often have been there for a very long time. As they experience trust, safety, security and unconditional acceptance in the counselling room, they allow me the privilege of walking alongside them as they re-visit their pain, losses, joys and sorrows. Often, they will show amazing resiliency, strength and unfathomable courage as they visit their dominant negative stories and re-author them into new and more positive narratives over which they have control and agency. Ernest Hemingway, in his book “A Farewell to Arms”, speaks of people’s resiliency and I attest to this almost every day when I work with my amazing clients in my counselling room: “The world breaks everybody, but some are strong in those broken places.”

Preferred Areas of Practice

I have a special interest in helping clients who are experiencing various addictions, such as drugs and alcohol, and I have seen the success that results when people deal with these issues head on. As clients face various problems, they can gain personal agency and empowerment over any problem story. I often use narrative therapy as a model in helping them to accomplish this because this model of therapy gives the client control over the problem as they see it as something separate from themselves, and as something that is trying to sabotage them in some way.

I also like to journey with couples who are in need of understanding as they go through distress and other relational difficulties and help them to see different ways of thinking about themselves and their problems as they begin to give new meanings to their narrative identities. Often, it is these negative identities that prevents them from attaining desired change. When clients experience a sense of personal control, agency, and empowerment over the problem, they begin to experience new beginnings in their lives and relationships. I often use Emotional Focused Couples’ Therapy (EFT), as it is a model that works well with distressed couples because it identifies negative affect and accents emotions.

I also do a great deal of critical incident stress debriefings/defusings whenever there is a need for a crisis/trauma intervention in workplaces. I have conducted debriefings for traumatized employees in various locations such as potash or gas plants where there has been an industrial accident, I have gone into banks and retail outlets after they have been robbed or where they experienced a serious injury or a death of an employee; I have conducted hundreds of such group debriefings/defusings throughout Saskatchewan and this is one of my absolute passions in life – to be of some help to people who are experiencing a crisis, and to be a healing balm in some way so that people can move forward in the face of trauma.

Future Interests

I would also like to take specialized trauma/resiliency training in working with our First Nations people. This coincides with my passion for trauma work, and it is my desire to bring my training and expertise to the aboriginal peoples to bring healing from the traumas that they have experienced.


Master of Arts, Major in Marriage and Family Counselling, Briercrest Seminary, 2003 (Honours)

Certificate in Human Resources Management, Concordia University, Montreal (2000)

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Concordia University, Montreal (1977)

Certified Professional Counsellor – Professional Association of Canadian Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists (PACCCP) [current]

Member – American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) (Current)

Member – International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF), Baltimore, Maryland (Current)

Carolyn Adams

Certified Professional Counsellor


Philosophy of Counselling

Through active listening and wondering with words, counselling invites growth and healing in the lives of people who have experienced problems, because of painful life stories. People show great resiliency and courage as they re-author their stories, and there is hope for change in those who seek to understand the deeper parts of their life journey. This can be accomplished in the safety and confidentiality of the counselling room. Growth and healing includes the emotional, cognitive, spiritual, physical and social being of one’s life. Collaboratively, I work with the client to develop new meaning in life experiences by using Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy. The client may decide to develop personal goals and create a more powerful agency over his/her life inviting empowerment, and victory. The client begins to understand the problem separate from oneself, experiencing a new beginning and hope in life. I believe that each person is created uniquely by God, and is worthy of dignity, acceptance, and respect. Words carry deep meaning, and it my desire to come alongside people with distressed relationships to acknowledge emotions, which may be lost in their negative interactions. Together, we work toward developing new stories from experiences that may have stifled them in their past. The individual may gain greater agency over the problem when shared in safety. There is an invitation for this within the counselling room.

Preferred Areas of Practice



Grief and loss – journeying with individuals in the pain of their loss, while assisting them to work towards hope and purpose in life.

Emotional Abuse – assisting people in their healing from possible guilt, shame, and pain of past experiences.

Personal and Workplace Stress

Relationships – individual counselling or couples counselling

Anger Management

Spiritual Support

Self Esteem

Skills and Experience

I bring into the counselling room years of experience as an oncology and palliative care nurse. I journeyed with patients, families and staff during those final hours. My vision to support families and loved ones in crisis was launched as I experienced grief as a nurse, caring for my grandfather in his final days. Bedside care brought richness to the words ‘compassion’, ‘dignity’, and ‘quality of life’.

As I moved Provinces, I discovered the pain of loneliness, anxiety and isolation. I explored my purpose and passion. Finding tools of healing, I chose to complete a Master’s Degree so that I could come alongside others who seek empowerment and victory.

I have been actively involved in lay counselling at local churches since 1985. Since 2003, I have been contracted with various Employee Family Assistant Programs. I provide counselling services for independent clients, and work full time for a benefit program.


Master of Arts, Major in Family Counselling, Briercrest Seminary, Caronport, Sk. 2004

Certified Member of The Professional Association of Canadian Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Nursing Certificate, Fanshawe College, London, Ont. 1983